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Archwave and Bosch demonstrate AES67 and AES70


Archwave and Bosch demonstrate AES67 and AES70 integrated platform for audio, control and connection management at ISE 2017

Audio and networking technology developer Archwave demonstrate AudioLAN 2.0. Working together with Bosch, the leading supplier of building technology, the combined teams have integrated two existing audio industry standards into a fully-fledged solution for audio networking.

In a move set to transform the audio industry, AudioLAN 2.0 allows audio systems to truly interoperate.

AES67 is the industry standard that allows different audio networking protocols to send and receive audio data. AES70 is the technology that enables system discovery, control and connection management for media networks, also known as OCA.

Whilst the two protocols are useful on their own, together they provide new and unique benefits. Users are able to view their entire audio system, send commands from device to device and pass audio to anywhere in the network. Together with Bosch, Archwave will be presenting the world’s first showcase demonstrating an audio networking solution based on open technology.

Any manufacturer can adopt this into their products, providing users with an integrated solution for audio transport, connectivity and control.

Based on open standards, AES70 provides a critical means of discovery and connection management whilst AES67 provides a rock-solid audio connection. Importantly, AES70 sits above all networked audio protocols to provide a universal means of discovery and connection management for the network, as well as offering unparalleled ability to remotely control devices.

“Users are often confused by the different industry standards and whether they offer any real benefit,” says Arie van den Broek, CEO of Archwave Technologies. “AudioLAN 2.0 shows the unique features from combining AES67 along with industry standard control and management.”

Several manufacturers are already working with Archwave, implementing the technology into their products.

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