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a. Getting the Cabling Right

1. Connect the Dante devices to your network switch.

2. Connect the Archwave equipped device to the same network.

3. Make sure everything is switched on and you have activity lights on each switch port with a connected device

4. Ensure everything is working on the same subnet. If your system is using DHCP this should be done automatically for you.

b. Diving into the software

You’ll need to use Dante Controller, which is a free download and is available on MacOS and Windows ( Once installed, open up Dante Controller.

First of all we need to make sure that the Dante device is configured for AES67 interoperability.

1. Select the Dante device you want to connect to.

2. Go to the AES67 tab, enable AES67 and reboot device


3. Remember to do this for all devices in your system that will use AES67 connections.

4. For devices that will transmit AES67 flows, choose and configure the Multicast Address Prefix, in this example “67”. You’ll need this number later to configure the interconnection in the opposite direction.

c. Receiving audio from a Dante device

Use the Dante Controller to create an AES67 audio stream from the Dante device. This is called an ‘AES67 Flow’.

1. Open the device you wish to use as a source

2. From the Device menu select Create multicast flow

3. Tick AES67 flow

4. Select what audio channels you want to send as AES67

5. Click on create and the device transmit status should look like this:

d. Configuring your AudioLAN device

We’ve now set audio on the Dante side, we now need to do the same on the AudioLAN side.

1. Open your browser and access the configuration webpage of the AudioLAN device. Go to the “Advanced” tab and make sure that the “SAP browsing enabled” checkbox is checked:

2. Wait for short while to let the SAP system update the stream lists.

3. You should then see a list of sources on the Stream consumer tab under the Source stream drop down list.

4. Once you have selected the stream you will need to select which channel from that stream you wish to use from the Channel number drop down below the Source stream selection.

e. Sending Audio to a Dante device

1. Open the configuration webpage of the AudioLAN device using a browser. Go to the “Stream provider” tab and configure the outgoing streams to be compatible with Dante:

2. Uncheck the “Use automatic configuration” checkbox

3. Make sure the multicast address of each stream matches the Multicast Address Prefix given in the Dante Controller ( in the example B.3), assigning addresses that are unique in the network.

4. Ensure that SAP browsing is enabled on the advanced tab

5. The device will then appear in Dante Controller

6. Audio connections can then be made in the normal way to devices that have been AES67 enabled.


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If you would like more information you can download the brochure here